This Little Doggy

adventures in Labrador training

This Little Doggy

This Little Doggy is my way of making sense of life with dogs. How I try to make things easier for us to co-exist. How I try to listen to their needs and wants, rather than assuming I know best. How we can learn together, to create an unbreakable bond, that gives all of us what we need from each other.

It’s not always easy; I will share stories of frustration and angst as well as the happier, more positive ones. I will try to show exactly what it’s like living with my dogs, to give you a realistic outlook on how easy or hard, how quick or slow it is to address the behaviours that I want to create or change.

I am not a dog trainer, nor a canine behaviourist. I am just a regular owner, who doesn’t have all the answers, but who is on a constant quest to learn, and to become the best dog handler – and dog owner – she can be.

Without any further ado, let me introduce the stars of the show, my beautiful companions.

Black Labrador holding lots of pine cones
Willow. The Duchess. Carrier of cones.
Yellow Labrador with balls
Shadow. Señor Cuddle-Bum. Chaser of chasey things.
Luna. New kid on the block. This Little Doggy.
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